Areas of Practice


The Firm has extensive experience in filing and validating European Patent applications, filing and prosecuting National Patent applications and PCTs covering all types of technologies. Three of the Firm’s Attorneys specialise in patent litigation and work closely with the Firm’s technical counsellors from the initial decision on whether or not to initiate litigation, through to trial and appeal proceedings. As of September 1997, when Greece implemented the provisions of the Hague Agreement concerning the International Deposit of Industrial Designs, the Firm has been regularly filing and maintaining industrial designs in Greece, and routinely advising its clients on related litigation matters.


The Firm’s trademark prosecution staff includes a partner and five experienced Attorneys, specially trained to practice in this area of Intellectual Property Law and five paralegals who work full time in trademark prosecution. The Firm has prosecuted thousands of trademark applications, oppositions and cancellations and feels honoured to report that numerous of the trademark applications it has filed in Greece following the ratification of the Paris Convention (18 August 1924) have subsequently become famous trademarks. On a regular basis, the Firm monitors the Official Gazette, published monthly by the Greek Trademark Office, notifies clients of the publication of potentially conflicting trademarks and opposes them as requested by the client.


The Firm regularly advises its clients on the copyrightability of their work in Greek jurisdiction, the proper use of copyright symbols and notices and all related issues emerging from copyright protection, including ensuing litigation. While in Greek jurisdiction no copyright registry exists, there are several mechanisms for protecting copyright. The Firm also provides advice on copyright assignment agreements and closely monitors all legal developments in the area of copyright law, on a European and national level, while it regularly attends related conferences and functions.


Since 1999, when the National Telecommunications Committee established guidelines for the domain name registration procedure in Greece, the firm regularly advises its clients on any changes in the related legal regime and handles the filing and renewals/maintenance of all types of domain names. The firm has managed to set successful precedent in the prosecution of ADRP (Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure) and litigation matters relating to significant domain name disputes and has without fail been granted all the Public Prosecutor Orders it has petitioned for, for the revelation of the WHOIS data of various registrants, as is required in Greek jurisdiction. Ever since the launching of the .eu domain name applications, the firm has been monitoring all legal developments in that regard and has been successfully advising its clients and managing their related applications.


Since several of the Firm’s Attorneys are admitted to practice before all Courts of Justice in Greek jurisdiction through to the Supreme Court of Greece, the Firm, in addition to offering the general services of a patent and trademark agent, has the capacity of litigating patent and trademark infringement, customs related litigation, unfair competition, copyright, trade secret and licensing cases. Over the years, the Firm has gained vast experience in representing both patent and trademark owners in related litigation. The Firm’s litigators have extensive experience in drafting both patent and trademark licence agreements and recording them with the relevant Greek Authorities.


The Firm provides efficient and reliable management of trademark renewals and payment of patent annuities. Renewal and payment of annuity reminders are sent out on a regular basis. With regard to patents, final notification is sent by the Firm to its clients for overdue renewal fees for their patent, even if the Firm is not responsible for the payment of the annuities.


The Firm has a separate department specialising in searches for trademarks (including Community and International trademarks), patents and designs. The department initiates searches and evaluates the results thereof, and provides advice both as to the inherent registrability of the proposed trademark as well as to the potential risks involved in adopting a particular trademark.


The Firm has considerable experience with registration of Intellectual Property Rights as provided for by Council Regulation No. 1383/2003 with the Customs Authorities and with Customs suspension procedures. A team of three experienced attorneys handles every aspect of the procedure before the Customs Authorities, from the initial contact with Customs through to Judicial Action with respect to infringing goods.


The Firm maintains the belief that lawyers should uphold the rule of law, not only when they defend a client in Court, but also when they provide legal counsel. We offer expert consultation and quality legal advice in all areas of Industrial and Intellectual Property Law as well as on Franchising Distribution and License Agreements and on Advertising, Marketing and Consumer Law.

Additionally and in view of the fast developments in science and technology, we offer expert consulting in the following areas:

  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Legal issues of the Information Society (Domain names, Electronic Signature, Internet Service Providers)
  • Law of national and international e-commerce
  • On-line financial services and e-banking Law
  • Telecommunications Law
  • Electronic Mass Media Law (incl. matters of radio frequencies distribution)
  • Consumer Protection Law and Law of General Terms and Conditions
  • Personal Data Protection and Human Rights
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Sponsoring
  • Applied Ethics (Business Ethics – Corporate Social Responsibility,  Bioethics - Genethics)